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At Kathi’s Estate Sales, we conduct estate liquidations, including estate sales, throughout the Shasta area. Our specialties include Redding Estate Sales, Chico Estate Sales, Mt. Shasta Estate Sales, and estate sales throughout the north state.

Hiring a local estate sale company can be especially beneficial for those who live outside of the north state and find themselves in immediate need to liquidate an estate. The dedicated team at Kathi’s Estate Sales can execute a professional and lucrative estate liquidation and leave your property empty, broom clean and ready for market, thus significantly easing your burden and reducing your stress.

As the north state’s largest estate liquidation company, Kathi’s Estate Sales will provide you with the professional treatment and courtesy that you deserve. Most importantly, there are never any fees associated with our liquidations, since we only earn a commission on the sales that we generate. Thus, you will be assured that we will be working hard for you throughout the liquidation process.

What is an Estate Sale?:
The objective of an estate sale is often to empty a home in order to put it on the market. Estate sales differ from garage sales and yard sales in that, during an estate sale, the entire contents of a home, including high end collectibles, coins, jewelry, firearms, automobiles, boats, etc., are sold. Whether due to downsizing, a divorce, or the passing of a loved one, the hiring of a professional estate sale company can greatly reduce the burden associated with emptying the contents of a house. In fact, preparing a home, advertising for and holding a sale, and then emptying and cleaning a house, often takes 2-4 weeks and is very labor intensive. For more information about estate sales run by Kathi’s Estate Sales click here.

What if we need to liquidate an estate immediately?:
At Kathi’s Estate Sales, we understand that sometimes a client cannot afford to wait in order to hold an estate sale. That’s why we offer a comprehensive Buyout Service that allows you to liquidate your estate immediately and receive cash for all the items. This buyout service includes our commitment to leave your property empty and broom clean, ready for the market. An Estate Buyout is the best option for those who need to empty a home as soon as possible and/or raise cash immediately.

What other services does Kathi’s Estate Sales offer?:
Sometimes, clients only want to liquidate certain items instead of an entire estate. Kathi’s Estate Sales can help you determine the value of your personal property and turn it into cash quickly. Kathi’s Estate Sales can also help you find the right buyer for your most valuable items through consignment opportunities, click here.

Things to Remember:

There are never any fees associated with our liquidations, since we only earn a commission on the sales that we generate.
We offer an estate buyout service, in which we pay cash for an entire estate upfront, to those clients who need to liquidate an estate quickly, need to raise cash immediately, or only have a brief amount of time to liquidate an estate.
We conduct estate liquidations throughout the entire north state. No liquidation is too large in scope and no items are too difficult for us to sell. We regularly sell cars, boats, collections of jewelry and fine art, etc., etc.
We are licensed and insured. Many of our competitors are not. Do yourself a favor and ensure that any estate liquidation company that you hire is both.

At Kathi’s Estate Sales, we can help you with your liquidation needs while maintaining the honesty and integrity that characterizes our company. For more information, please call Mark (530)356-0762 Kathi (530)524-0344 contact us today.

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